University Innovation Fellows Stakeholder Meeting

On February 29, 2016, BoilerDriver founders Dominick Lee and Vignesha Bhamidi hosted a meeting with several Purdue leaders to discuss their findings in the University Innovation Fellowship (UIF) program as well as to introduce the BoilerDriver. The meeting took place over lunch in WANG hall.

Attendees include:

  • Dan Hasler (President and Chief Entrepreneurial Officer of PRF)
  • Greg Deason (Sr. VP and Executive Director of Purdue Foundry & PRF)
  • Carrie Berger (Assistant Dean for Research of Purdue Polytechnic)
  • Brooke Beier (Assistant Director Business Development of OTC)
  • Steve Lincoln (Senior Writer/Editor of Purdue Polytechnic)
  • Taylor Boyle (Undergraduate in Purdue MET)
  • Lonnie Bentley (Professor of CIT)
  • Matt McKillip (Director of Research and Innovation, Polytechnic Statewide)

University Innovation Fellow (UIF)
Purdue Research Foundation (PRF)
Purdue Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC)
Computer Information Technology (CIT)
Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET)

Highlights of the meeting include Hasler's support of the BoilerDriver and insights of how it could improve the Anvil and the ecosystem. Hasler offered his agreement to support the BoilerDriver in using the Anvil to create the proposed workspace, as well as encouraging Dominick and Vignesha to securing company ties for BoilerDriver. Near the end of the meeting, the BoilerDriver team demonstrates to the attendees how having the proposed workspace (lab space) and some modern equipment would be vital to student entrepreneurial success and collaboration.

Our Meeting Agenda

  • Our Introduction
  • Findings from University Innovation Fellows Training
  • The Needs of Student Innovators
  • BoilerDriver Initiative
  • Discussion with Stakeholders
  • Dedicated Workspace (labs) Demonstration
  • UIF Pinning Ceremony

Highlight Photos